Supreme Court rules that right to bear arms is individual right


Unlike many of my friends on the left, I’m a strong believer in gun rights as a civil liberty, mostly a consequence of my rural upbringing. I was taught to defend myself.

Thus, I’m happy with the Supreme Court’s decision yesterday in the McDonald v. City of Chicago case. Seven of nine members of Minnesota’s congressional delegation signed an amicus brief in support of McDonald, with only Franken, Ellison and McCollum’s signatures absent.

View the McDonald v City of Chicago Amicus Brief here [pdf file].

Congressman Walz, long a supporter of gun rights, issued the following statement about the decision:

“This decision upholds Americans’ rights under the Second Amendment no matter where they live and I was proud to stand in defense of those Constitutional rights with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle.”

The New York Times Room For Debate blog has posted a lively discussion about the decision in What Bolstering Gun Rights Will Mean.