Support an end to forced organ harvesting in China


I was born and raised in the People’s Republic of China, a country without the basic freedoms allowed here in the United States. Though China’s constitution guarantees the freedoms of speech and belief, in reality, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) willfully disregards the written law. Over the past fifteen years, the CCP’s deceitful nature has been thoroughly exposed through the persecution of Falun Gong.

Falun Gong, also known as Falun Dafa, is a Chinese spiritual discipline for the mind and body. It combines five physical exercises, meditation, and a moral philosophy centered on the tenets of truthfulness, compassion and forbearance. Publicly introduced in 1992, by 1999 Falun Gong had become the largest and fastest-growing qigong practice in Chinese history, with an estimated 100 million practitioners.

Despite its many positive qualities, Falun Gong eventually came under the scrutiny of CCP leadership, due to its monumental popularity and emphasis on spirituality. Perceiving the practice as ideological competition outside of his control, in July of 1999, then-CCP leader Jiang Zemin initiated the persecution against Falun Gong, beginning with a massive defamation campaign.

My world was overturned on July 20th, 1999, when suddenly all forms of media began broadcasting slanderous propaganda against Falun Gong—turn on the TV, read the newspaper, listen to the radio, it was everywhere. The CCP used all its resources to instill hatred in people’s minds. I knew very well that I could no longer openly say that I practiced Falun Gong.

I was only in middle school when I lost my freedom to engage in any activities related to Falun Gong.  It was a very painful time for me, filled with feelings of helplessness and fear. Across the country, hundreds-of-thousands of practitioners were captured, tortured, and suffered from terrible maltreatment.

The persecution pervaded all aspects of life. Companies had to report to the CCP, listing names of employees who practiced Falun Gong. Many colleagues and supervisors knew that my mother was a practitioner; I knew that she could be taken away at any time. My family faced enormous pressure that set our nerves on edge. My mother had to hide books, install computer software to erase data that could be used as “evidence,” routinely remove the battery from our cell phone to avoid unwarranted surveillance, and use multiple public phones to make calls. We lived cautiously and abnormally, constantly hearing news about practitioners we knew, who were abducted or missing; life was extremely depressing.

In China, this situation continues today. Worse still, independent researchers have uncovered substantial evidence showing that Falun Gong practitioners fuel China’s organ harvesting business, losing their lives in the process. The CCP openly admits that executed prisoners provide the vast majority of organs used for transplantation; however, in reality this amounts to the killing of tens-of-thousands of Falun Gong prisoners of conscience—please search online for “Doctors against Forced Organ Harvesting” (DAFOH).

Currently in the Minnesota House of Representatives, Resolution HF 2166 has been introduced by Rep Phyllis Kahn (DFL) 60B.  It is a resolution “expressing concern over persistent and credible reports of systematic, state-sanctioned, forced organ harvesting from non-consenting prisoners of conscience, primarily from Falun Gong practitioners imprisoned for their spiritual beliefs, and members of other religious and ethnic minority groups in the People’s Republic of China” This same resolution has been introduced in the Minnesota state senate by State Senator Alice Johnson, (DFL) district 37, as SF 2090.

I am hoping that all who are reading this will contact their state Representative and State Senator and ask them to Co-sign these resolutions.

Now I live in the U.S., and my freedoms are protected.  However, my mother and many other practitioners I know are still in China. I hope more Americans can realize what is happening in China. Increased awareness can stop the persecution and save innocent lives.

Thank you.