Superintendent Bill Green dispels rumors of North High closing


Recent discussion in the community about the status of North Community High School has come to my attention. Several people have asked if the school will be slated to close due to its low enrollment. I want to let the community know that at this point the district administration team has no plans to close North High, nor has the team even considered the question.

We are committed to supporting North High and boosting its enrollment. We believe that closing a school is a last resort and that there are several viable options for revitalizing North High that we should explore. One option includes modeling a plan implemented in New York and other school districts where smaller high schools operate simultaneously with other academic programs in a single building.

Another option involves re-establishing Summatech as North High’s premier academic program. Summatech prepares highly motivated, college-bound students interested in the growing number of science, math, technology and engineering-related careers. Historically, Summatech has drawn many students to North High. Re-establishing Summatech at North can attract families back to the school and make North more competitive with suburban and charter schools.

The district’s administration team recognizes the importance of North High in the north Minneapolis community and the district as a whole. We value North High and continue to make strides toward creating the best possible learning atmosphere for our students. The school’s new leadership team and committed teachers are focused on rigor and elevated expectations for students.

Our hope is to win back the trust of our community and our families. We ask that you join us in promoting North High as a school of choice.