Just for Kix: Brainerd costume designers taste Super Bowl stardom


Cindy Klough’s phone has been ringing off the hook ever since the Super Bowl, where her company’s light-up body suit costumes were featured on the bodies of the backup dancers for the Black Eyed Peas. Klough said she was surprised by the reaction. After all, her company, Just for Kix, has created costumes for other big events such as the Orange Bowl, but the publicity surrounding the Super Bowl was greater than anything they’ve experienced.

“The job itself was overwhelming,” Klough said—particularly, all of the back and forth conversations Just for Kix had with the Hollywood producers who wanted to make sure the costumes looked exactly right.  “It was kind of fun and exciting,” she said, especially because the process all took place in a short window of time.

Just for Kix is based near Brainerd and sells dancewear, runs a dance teaching studio, and hosts dance camps. Cindy Klough, the CEO of the company, has run the company for 25 years. They have 700 employees and provide youth programs in over 187 communities, Klough said. They also host precision dance teams, and teach jazz, ballet, and other dance styles. They manufacture costumes and sell dancewear from their catalog and online. 

How did Just for Kix get the Superbowl gig? The same way anybody in show business gets a gig in show business: they knew somebody who knew somebody. One of the show’s freelance choreographers, Kristen Patterson, used to work at Just for Kix’s dance studio.

Not a trained dancer, Klough got into dance because it came naturally to her. “I kind of fell into it,” she said. “I love to choreograph.” She says she’s more of a choreographer than a costume designer, but her daughter Alexandra designs one of the dancewear lines for the company—a line called, appropriately, Alexandra. 

Klough said that while the initial idea for the costumes came from the Hollywood producers, Alexandra did create the patterning for the body suits. “They came up with the idea and we enhanced it,” Klough said. “They were very specific about what they wanted.”  

Klough said that her business spiked this week after the news hit that her company was responsible for the costumes. Not only has she received lots of calls from reporters, but also from young dancers who want to find out how they can dance at the Super Bowl next year. “Typically they hire dancers from the area [where the Super Bowl is being held],” Klough said. “Because it’s two weeks of rehearsals.”

Klough said she hasn’t heard anything about next year’s Super Bowl, which will take place in Indiana, but she’s hopeful that her company will be used again.