Summit Hill Association community garden news


Dear Neighbors,

There is an energetic group currently planning a new community garden for Summit Hill and would love to share the details with you.

The garden(s) will bracket the tennis courts on St. Clair Avenue east of Linwood Park. The west side of the courts will be our first year project, with the east side our second phase for 2014. The gardens will be 100% organic, with composting bins and worm farms. We realize that we have a responsibility to make sure this garden is aesthetically pleasing as well as practical. Special thought is being given to keeping animals out of the garden space, and thus we will be fencing the entire area much like the image here. The interior garden plots will be marked off with timbers. We believe this will make the garden attractive and inviting. The garden design aims to keep our initial impact to a minimum, therefore leaving the grass for walkways. As we will need to work with the city to supply water to our site, we are including a lovely water fountain for community use near the tennis courts.

We are also seeking funding to help build the garden. If you would like to contribute to our efforts, please contact the Summit Hill Association office at or 222-1222.Other assets and materials we need are listed below. If you know of someone who might be able to help, please contact

  • someone to loan a sodcutter
  • someone to loan a rototiller
  • 4 large matching compost bins
  • 300 8’ or 10’ timbers

If you have any concerns or questions about our project, we invite you to contact the Summit Hill Association office. We also invite you to an open meeting on Tuesday, June 5 at 7pm, at the Linwood Community Center where designs and plans will be reviewed before submitting to the Summit Hill/D16 Board. Please know that we are open to community input and are working hard to make sure the garden is an asset to the neighborhood