Suing everybody in sight: North Minneapolis neighborhood battles


In the latest Jordan Area Community Council (JACC) development, old board officers have filed a lawsuit demanding a restraining order against the entire city of Minneapolis, as well as the new JACC officers, City Council members Don Samuels and Barbara Johnson, 4th Precinct Police Department Inspector Michael Martin, Neighborhood Revitalization Program specialist Stacy Sorenson. They want an order directing the named individuals and, of course, the entire city of Minneapolis, to stop aiding and abetting the newly-elected board officers of JACC.

Attorney Jim Moore represents the city of Minneapolis, Don Samuels, Barbara Johnson, and Mike Martin. At today’s hearing, he said of his clients Samuels and Johnson, who are political figures: “What is it that my clients are supposed to be restrained from, not taking sides, or voicing opinions about neighborhood issues?”

Moore also wondered how the restraining order would be enforced against the Minneapolis police, who would be affected by the restraining order.

Perhaps it would be a case for Charlie’s Angels? Or maybe Superman? Or perhaps the police could simply arrest themselves. “You’re under arrest. Wait! No! I’m in violation! I’m under arrest!”

Judge Porter did not make any ruling today, saying he would await further affidavits next week.

Meanwhile, according to JACC secretary Ann McCandless’s lawyer Ferdinand Peters, Franklin Bank has sided with the newly-elected officers, and they are now in control of the bank account. Peters noted that the new officers have begun paying various bills that had not been paid by the JACC’s former executive Director Jerry Moore for several months.

The stolen equipment and computers that were taken from the JACC office on the night the new officers were elected are still missing. Peters asked Jill Clark, the lawyer for the former board officers filing the restraining order, where the equipment was, but she didn’t answer.

Sheila Regan is a theater artist based in Minneapolis. When not performing or writing, she serves as educational coordinator for Teatro del Pueblo.