Student Video Network uses broadband in schools


The Student Video Network is a section of eSchool News where students can post their videos — a place where students might get national recognition for their video. How cool is that? Think back to when you were in school — how much more fun would it be to create a video than always write a paper — and I liked writing papers. And better yet, how great would it have been to have had the potential for national recognition for your video? 

Now fast-forward and think of some of the junk that’s on television and YouTube and imagine how great it would be to have an alternative for kids to check out. A series of videos created by other kids for school would fit that bill. Well, that’s what the Student Video Network is. Tell your kids, tell their teachers.

And check out a Minnesota-based video created by students at Eagan High School talk about their experience working with the Student Video Network (SVN) of www.eSchoolNews.TV, a project-based educational program provided to selected schools free of charge by the national news organization eSchool Media.

It’s a great use of broadband in the schools.