Struggling as a foreigner


I have lived in America for 13 years and I am proud to call myself an American, but why do I sometimes not feel safe in America? Why do I get scared when people look at me funny? I always try to answer those questions, but I never can.

I go out to go grocery shopping with my mother and there is always that one person that looks at you like you don’t belong. Like you need to leave, and as a Muslim it hurts to know that there someone judging you based on your religion everywhere you go.

It’s like people think that if you live in America, you should only follow one religion, and not speak a foreign language. I’m not saying every single person who lives in Minnesota or any other state are racist, because there are many nice people that wanna learn more about your religion and such, but that there a plethora of cruel people that dislike the Muslim community.

You’d think that after having a black president, racism would decrease, but nope not at all because President Obama doesn’t necessarily try to stop racism hate that goes on around the country. Recently I came across this video on Youtube that tore my heart to pieces because it was so heartbreaking and sad that I cry everytime I watch. Check it out and tell me what you think of it.

Reporting for this article supported in part by Bush Foundation.