Story Time Time Bomb


Story Time Time Bomb is whiz-bang fun. With plenty of help from the audience, the cast creates a story to present to “The Publisher” (William Marth) at the end of the show. Artist, writer, and show co-producer Christopher Jones (Chris) sketches the story from just outside of the audience’s sight line. His writing partner Tim Wick (Tim) works the audience for ideas and narrates the story. Chris and Tim trade silly banter back and forth, resulting in giggles.

Actors Jen Scott and Matt Allex, along with the unseen hero “Sound Guy” (Butch Roy) improvise a silly adventure to feudal Japan. Our audience-named heroine Carrie (played by Scott, who ad-libs, “But I wanted to go to the prom!) and her tiger friend travel through toxic mist and caves and evil goldfish and Pokemon jokes to battle evil Toyotas. For all ages.