Stirred up by the Olympics


So it is/was the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada if perhaps you weren’t aware. Yer Welcome! I, along with most people who reside in the snowy, frigid North American tundra just LOVE watching Winter sports, we can’t get enough of them during the 9 1/2 months we experience it. I’m telling ya!

Ice skating? I have taken way too many painful, anguished falls. I finally broke down, cried and bought Sorel boots. And that was just for walking inside my house. With no expectations whatsoever I turned on the telly to watch the 2010 Olympic Opening Ceremonies. I was bored and thinking, “oh what the heck?” its got to be somewhat entertaining and I wasn’t doing anything else at the time (but fretting about my fingernails and mildy annoyed that they don’t grow like they used to).

I have to admit to some curiousity though; I had seen a few brief previews and there were some Indians involved. There I was on my sofa, all indifferent, jaded and wearing my urban Indian armour. I’ve already been there, done that and seen it all! Then the First Nations of Canada began dancing in to the circular arena representing the different and diverse Indian cultures of that immense country. I was transfixed, open-mouthed at the beauty of their moves as they danced in, they just kept on dancing, shaking all four of their cheeks up real good.

All of a sudden my face had big fat, wobbly rivulets of tears running down them that splashed on my lap. I sat there enthralled until the show was over.

Afterward I called me Mumz and tried to talk about the emotions I felt then; thankfulness, pride, gratitude…I was overcome and I don’t mind saying so. Bless the Canucks (Just Kidding!) Canadian/Olympic Committee who respectfully recognized the First Nations and their importance in Canadian history, their contributions and current real relevant existence. Yooz rock and have real class.

The U.S.A. has hateful caricatures like Chief-Paintedup-Redskin-Jumps-Around-Hoots-Hollers-Bandana-Wearing-Takes-Scalps who claims to be a  symbol of how America honors its original inhabitants. I must state that if I could get me some scalps I would. That is an entire column for some other time.

I am watching Wanda Sykes on Saturday nights these days. She’s been one of my favorite comedians for a while, I appreciate how she just tells it like it is, according to her. Well, Wanda pissed me off and I’m gonna write a mad letter to her, telling it like it is according to me; Ricey Wild. I’m mad cuz she commented on the Vancouver Opening Ceremony, and I paraphrase, “Hi! We’re Canada! We got nothing!”

Wha-at? Did she actually watch the show? Nothing? I feel insulted. I have kin out of Canada from Trois Rivieres, near Montreal and a Metis’ ancestor who led a revolution trying to establish a nation. He was hanged for his efforts, and I am proud of him. My Grampa Steve had an aunt who was a bootlegger too, I bet if I research hard enough I’ll come up with many more colorful ancestors; after all, I inherited their ingenious genes.

I have stated many times that we Indians of today have the best of the best. Hay, we made it this far! The most critical issue facing Indians is whether one is or not, but according to whom? Tribal Nations or the BIA? Sadly, some tribes still hire perjurists and liars for lack of enrolled Indians. They are probably the Indians descended from the ones who sold us out. However, the fight will go on despite the haters, they know who they are, the truth will out.

Recently I got to spend time with my nephew Jerone. He came up to Rezberry to celebrate his “Gami’s” birthday. Jerone lives in an immensely populated urban area and works as a BlackJack dealer at an Indian casino whose tribal members have to scrape by on, oh, over a million a year. I know! My heart breaks but that’s not my point here. Jerone is newly single bachelor, I know this is not but he asked me one thing, that I please mention him in my column. Snagettes, he is a total catch. Jerone is handsome, stable, loyal, keeps a job and drives a pearl painted Cadillac AND he don’t have kids from here to Tacoma. Word. What’s not to like? And he’s related to me! His Gami (Omi) and I raised him to be a good man. He is, so we did something right.

I attended the State of the Rez annual meeting. The good news is Rezberry is doing as well as it can despite the lousy economy. The other news is that not much has really changed. Always with the drama! I’m never disappointed, and this year is another election year. Many chiefs are making many promises, this should be interesting. I’m gonna need my lawn mowed by Spring. Not that I’m hinting or anything.