Stay hydrated out there. Sunday recap…


I was really excited about seeing A Nice Guy’s Guide to Awkward Sex presented by Ben San Del at Mixed Blood Theatre. We got to Mixed Blood on time, got tickets no problem, found seats — in the back row, but under the AC vent. Cool, breezy…and then my hands got hot and my head got tingly and although I wasn’t having a panic attack at the moment, it seemed such a thing was possible. My location in the middle of the back of the theater was great for everything but needing to exit in the middle of a show. Just the thought of creating that level of disruption was in itself enough to make me see stars and not catch my breath.

Out we went to regroup and have a nice, cool lemonade at Bedlam to decide whether actually seeing shows would be possible. The problem is that I’m still a little sick. I’m much better, granted, but I still have enough head and chest congestion to make my hearing, equilibrium and breathing just a little messed up. If all systems act up at once, it’s a little uncomfortable. Throw in some heat, some crowds and you’ve got the ingredients for a good breakdown. I’ll have to try for Awkward Sex next time, like Tuesday at 8:30.

I pulled it together and wandered back over to get the tickets I’d reserved for Bite Me Twilight presented by Tom Reed at Mixed Blood Theatre. I managed to calm my psychosis by grabbing seats on the end, closest to the door. This made for a weird angle on Tom, but worth it in my present state. Tom’s show is awesome, whether or not you’ve read/seen any of the Twilight series. I haven’t, and still found his show engaging — and can only imagine it’s that much better if you’re actually familiar with the characters. Where did Tom pick up that six-pack? Kudos. Highly recommended. Next show Monday at 10.

Next to A Standing Long Jump presented by the New Theatre Group at Theatre in the Round. To keep up with very recent updates and revisions, this show was performed with script in hand. I wasn’t distracted by this, however. I liked this piece a lot; a little weird, a little raw, with unexpected elements — what I expect from the New Theatre Group. Take a leap of faith and check it out. Next show Wednesday at 10.

The First Five Minutes Are Slow presented by Tamara Ober/Present State Movement at the Southern Theater. The first five minutes are actually the excruciatingly slow last five minutes of an office job work day. Tick…tock. But when the clock strikes 5 we’re down the rabbit hole and into a bizarre fantasy. Exactly what my lightly medicated, no longer anxious afternoon needed. Silly and wonderful. Next show Tuesday at 10.

It may feel like you’re in the longest line in the whole, wide world when you embark to see The Damn Audition presented by Joking Envelope at the U of M Rarig Center Thrust. You might wonder whether you’ll get in. You might wonder whether the show can possibly start on time. You might wonder whether it will be worth it. The answer to all your questions is “Yes”! The line goes quickly, the Thrust holds like 8 million people and Joseph Scrimshaw’s star-studded show is great. Three actors audition for the role of the devil. Hilarity ensues. Next show Wednesday at 10.

I ended my day with some rousing drum action with TaikoBAM! presented by Mu Performing Arts at Mixed Blood Theatre. Really fun, athletic, interesting drumming – this show is accessible to a wide audience. Next performance Wednesday at 7.