St. Paul: Two shootings rock Dayton’s Bluff neighborhood


As gunshots once again echoed in two separate incidents in Dayton’s Bluff in mid-October, a 20-year-old mother is dead and a man recovers in the hospital.

About 25 neighbors gathered October 16 to distribute white ribbons to tie around trees, to raise awareness in an attempt to stop the bloodshed.

However, at least one neighbor – who wishes to remain anonymous – reports feeling a sense of fatigue about the continued violence in the neighborhood.

Musings from a neighbor

This week, there have been two shootings about six blocks from my home. One has been declared a homicide, one sent a man to the hospital but he is expected to survive. The night after the first shooting, there was a neighborhood vigil which was shortly followed by the second shooting, just blocks away. There aren’t many details yet released about either shooting, so it is unclear right now whether they are connected in any way. Last night, there was a “stop the bloodshed” rally, and white ribbons were distributed for folks to put on trees at their homes in solidarity.

You might be wondering, am I afraid for myself or my family? The answer is no. Sadly, after living in inner city neighborhoods for 20 years, I’m used to hearing these news reports and hearing shots fired nearby. (Though I didn’t hear the shots for either of these shootings.)

Often, the victims of shootings are not random targets, so that is reassuring to me. Shooters here are generally not trained in gun safety so it could be possible to be hit by a stray bullet or caught in crossfire. The thing is, there’s nothing I can do to prevent that except be vigilant and avoid situations that might turn violent. Worrying about what “might” happen won’t stop a bullet.

Do I have a response to these latest shootings? I’m not surprised. It was reported not long ago that gun crimes in my neighborhood have skyrocketed this year. Mostly, I’m so weary of the problems that I can’t even figure out how to begin to identify solutions. Gun laws, anti-gang efforts, better education, stronger families, more police, better prosecution, anti-violence training. I’m not sure what the answer is but I’m just too worn out to try to figure it out.

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