St. Paul psychic looks to 2010 and beyond


Looking back on the past 12 months reveals a whirl of events – new president, nuclear proliferation, health care, war in Afghanistan, global warming, terrorist plots, H1N1. We didn’t start the fires, but someone keeps throwing logs on and we really wish they’d cut it out.  And what’s ahead in 2010? 

Searching for answers, I turned to Fatima, a psychic advisor in St. Paul. Fatima has been reading for 43 years and has been on local channels for sports predictions and other psychic advice. More than happy to help, Fatima provided me with a list of events we can expect for the next year.

According to Fatima, in 2010:


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  • More health issues are on the way, especially concerning viruses stemming in foreign countries.

  • There will be more wars. (Not sure where, not sure when – but definitely more.)

  • New laws will be passed. U.S. citizens will not agree with these new laws. (Let’s see – that could be past, present or future.)

  • The economy will be situated and things will be okay — we’ll all get by.

  • This is not the beginning of the end of the world, but we can expect 2010 to be more hectic than the past few years.

It’s hard not to think that current events are hopping in hand-baskets and heading south with increasing speed, but Fatima stressed that, despite the seemingly unending string of chaotic and world-changing events, the world will go on. Adding a little perspective, Fatima said that the number one problem in America, especially for women, is love.

Fatima added some tantalizing predictions for the TC Daily Planet. After reassuring me that TCDP will definitely survive, she said that somebody important will come to or will have an interest in the Daily Planet sometime in May or June or next summer. With that interest, readership will increase, the publication will improve overall, and those working for TCDP will see improved incomes.

Hearing this pearl of wisdom after the social and political predictions, a striking connection occurred to me. Maybe, if we all just started expecting the unexpected a little more, when life changing events arrived we could get over the shock and act a little faster.

For most of us, Fatima excluded, the future will always be a mystery. We’ll have to wait for another year to see how her predictions fare.