ST. PAUL NOTES | Cupcake on Grand back on track?


A press release from the mayor’s office today announced that Cupcake now has secured enough parking to satisfy city requirements for a cupcake / coffee house / wine bar operation at 949 Grand Avenue.

Coleman’s press release urged the City Council to take favorable action on Cupcake’s application:

Yesterday, the Saint Paul City Council voted to “lay over” Resolution No: 12-538 for four weeks. This resolution memorializes the 5-2 vote taken on February 15, 2012 granting the appeals of the Summit Hill Association and McClay Alton Real Estate, LLC. This resolution denies the necessary parking variance for the Cupcake restaurant in Saint Paul. Mayor Coleman planned to veto the resolution. The council can reconsider their vote to delay at their March 28 meeting.

The Summit Hill Association had previously opposed Cupcake’s application on the grounds that it did not have enough parking spaces: “The Feb. 15th hearing clarified that the Summit Hill Association was supportive of Cupcake moving to 949 Grand Avenue, but that the requested parking variance needed to serve wine and beer was problematic under the current zoning code; and set a negative precedent going forward given the historic parking deficit found on Grand Avenue.”

Cupcake currently operates at 3338 University Avenue SE in Minneapolis, but as a coffee shop and catering operation, without wine or beer sales.