Spotted in St. Paul: The Border/Frontera Taco Truck


by Jeremy Iggers| June 18, 2009

Driving down University Ave, in St,. Paul, I spotted the Border/Frontera taco truck parked at the curb in front of Target, just west of Syndicate Street. The menu is limited: tacos, (soft or hard-shell) for $2.40), burritos and quesadillas for $6.38. I ordered one very tasty taco al pastor served topped with chopped onions and cilantro, hot (or mild) salsa on the side. Later learned that (at least according to Wikipedia) the al pastor taco is a Mexican adaptation of shawirma, introduced to Mexico by Lebanese immigrants. Chicken, beef and lengua (tongue) are available. According to the friendly young woman who took my order, there is a second Border/Frontera taco truck that drives up and down University Ave. between Minneapolis and St. Paul. The one that I spotted is parked where I found it, daily from 10 or 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. A Saint Paul Health Department license is prominently displayed at the order window.

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