SPOT TV Network: The New Paradigm Shift in Advertising


Minnesota’s own and unique network, SPOT TV Network will launch its pilot on Time Warner channel 23 and Comcast channel 13 into 550,000 homes in the state of Minnesota. The focus of the programming is in SPOTS (the reason it is called SPOT TV Network) – – those very engaging commercials that are seen during Super Bowl.

SPOT TV believes there is entertainment value with commercials and a worldview that believes the same. Not only is it entertaining but it also allows major companies an opportunity to further brand their products and services with viewers opting in to watch commercials instead of tuning them out through the technology of TIVO and DVR. SPOT TV will bridge the gap between major companies wanting to realize a gain in their advertising investment, and for ad agencies in finding a vehicle to keep their clients happy. By allowing consumers the option to tune into SPOT TV to learn about benefits, promotions, sales, R&D of a product or service, for example the behind-the-scene technology of a fun commercial such as; the Hewlett Packard picture ad, consumers ask, “How did they do that?,” SPOT TV will provide this type of exposure for those companies. The 30 second commercial has become an interruption into the consumer household during regular programming. Plus, it doesn’t allow enough time for the companies to do a very good job of branding their products or services. SPOT TV Network changes all of that by giving consumer the option to tune in and watch when it becomes relevant to their personal needs. Consumers will have greater buy-in and enter into dialogue, thereby making them life-long customers.

SPOT TV’s uniqueness is not only dedicated to commercial programming, but also to the independent filmmakers in our state, as well as, around the world to submit their art, short films, movie trailers, animation, music videos, etc., by giving them free advertising which should garner more opportunities. Their work will be seen around the spots and offer the entertainment appeal that will continue to drive viewers to the network.

This is the reason why we know that SPOT TV Net…works!!!

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