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When the college coaches walked in her house the high school senior knew that the sport scholarship she had been working was hers. She accomplished the goal she always wanted. From 6 Am practices to after school practices to AAU season practices, all the hard work she put in paid off at the end.

One advantage of a college sport scholarship is that it can lead you to a pathway to success. Which means if your going to college off a sports scholarship your getting the education that you need to succeed in life and most likely get involved in the major you want to be in.  D’Karlos Craig a senior at Columbia Heights High school he will be attending Eau Claire University next year said “Attending College means everything to me. It gives me an opportunity to make something of myself to become a productive citizen to my community. I feel that this is a strong statement coming from a high school senior who wants to succeed in life instead of going the opposite direction with your self in life. Shakila Boler a senior at Roosevelt high school who will be attending Northern Arizona University next year said,” Attending College means a higher opportunity to achieve a goal, whatever I want. I personally like this statement about what she had to say because people are going to college to achieve a goal in life and it also gives you a better opportunity on your goal you want to accomplish in life.

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Without sports scholarships many students wouldn’t be able to attend college at all. D’Karlos said ” I couldn’t imagine my life if I didn’t go to college. I probably would be working a 9 to 5 or doing something in a completely different direction than the right thing”. Shakila said, ” If I didn’t go to college I would end up with a regular job, still living with my parents and putting all my dedication into my music.

Most seniors in high school have the ambition to be the first one to graduate from college. Alex Molina who goes to Roosevelt High School and will be attending MCTC next year said, ” Students who have the opportunity to get scholarships to go to college should excel to a higher learning”. For some students motivation can be hard from students coming from families that have no college knowledge. Alex said,” What motivates me is that in the future I wan to have a career that I love instead of a job that I hate. Also I want to be the first one to graduate from college from my family. D’Karlos said,” My father motivates me to go to college I want to make it for him because he shows me that he has pure faith in me and support me in anything I do.

Students should be encouraged to seize the day, to take advantage of all the opportunities around you despite where they’re coming from. They can still pursue a better life with going to college.  No matter where life goes and you have great opportunities to go off to different colleges you should take the chance and better your education by going off to college and excel your learning ability to the next level.