Southside Star Community Garden growing strong


This spring marks the sprouting of a third season for the Southside Star Community Garden (32nd Ave. S. and E. 41st St.), and I think it’s safe to say that what existed only as a good idea a few short years ago has really taken root as a neighborhood treasure. The garden has provided many families not only with fresh, organic, local produce but also with a wonderful way to get to know other people in the community, thereby strengthening the neighborhood.

In addition to feeding their own families, last season’s gardeners donated over 350 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables to Sabathani and Calvary Lutheran food shelves, and the goal is to increase that amount each year. Another goal is to make more space for would-be gardeners. The waiting list is down to about 30, compared to around 40 last year at this time.

So this season, about a half-dozen new gardeners, myself included, will have the opportunity to test the relative greenness of their thumbs. I cannot speak for anyone else, but I have little gardening experience, at least until now. I’m looking forward to getting to know more about gardening, but even more, I’m looking forward to getting to know more members of this great neighborhood. I’m eager to plant my own seeds and grow my own vegetables and even more eager to help plant and nurture the seeds of community growth.

With the help and generosity of a SENA neighborhood grant, we will build several raised garden beds to accommodate people with physical limitations. Thank you to SENA; to Susan Fall, who coordinated the grant; and to Stephanie Howes, who will coordinate construction of the raised beds.

To learn more about the Southside Star Community Garden or to add your name to the waiting list, contact Laura Hansen at