South Minneapolis airplane noise update


Ahhhh…we are about to open our windows again, bringing in fresh breezes that make our curtains sway. Unfortunately, we will also bring in airplane noise and airplane-created exhaust fumes and pollution. If you think planes are too low and/or too loud and too frequent over your block, you need to call the Noise Hotline (612-726-9411) set up by the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC). Remind your neighbors, too. One person calling often is not as effective as many neighbors calling a few times.

The Federal Aviation Administration has still not decided whether to use performance-based navigation (PBN) for South Minneapolis. Rather than some fanning of flight paths as is done now, PBN will narrow flights over South Minneapolis to only three paths. The result is much more frequency over fewer homes. The result for the airlines is the potential for more daily flights, closer together, using less fuel, and therefore more profits at the expense of the neighborhoods.

South Minneapolis does not have any nonresidential land under any flight paths off the two north parallel runways that could take the brunt of airplane noise. The use of PBN will severely diminish the quality of life for those homes under the selected flight paths, especially in the summer when we want to enjoy being outside.

The past few months have been relatively quiet on several fronts. For one, City Council Member John Quincy, the Minneapolis representative on the airport’s Noise Oversight Committee, and his aide, John Dybvig, have been working on finding new and more neighborhood-supportive MAC commissioners.

As the noise is bound to return with open windows, please call Mr. Quincy’s office (612-673-2211) with concerns. And please call the Noise Hotline or fill out the complaint form online (

Bob Friedman is a Standish Resident.