Soup for You! brings church and community together


“I’m just one guy making soup,” says Judah Nataf, owner of Soup for You!, a small business operating out of Bethany Lutheran Church in the Seward neighborhood. Soup for You! is Minneapolis’ only soup share program featuring 30 soups from 30 countries for 30 weeks. Subscribers buy a share at the beginning of the season, and then pick up a quart or a half gallon of super soup every week from the church, October through April.

Nataf perfected his art of soup making at St. Martin’s Table restaurant where he was Soup Master for 16 years. When St. Martin’s closed its doors, in 2010, Nataf met with the pastor at Bethany Lutheran about using the church’s commercial kitchen to launch his soup-share program. “Bethany Lutheran Church welcomed the idea of a local business owner using our kitchen. What’s more Lutheran than wholesome food being prepared in our kitchen?” said John Karason, church council president.

Right: From left to right: Judah Nataf, owner of Soup for You!, and John Karason, church council president at Bethany Lutheran Church

The menu includes Brazilian Black Bean, Hungarian Mushroom, Armenian Lentil, Indian Split Pea and Kenyan Peanut, to name a few. There is always a vegetarian or dairy based soup choice, and gluten free soup is available too. As much as possible, Judah relies on sustainable growers in the Twin Cities for their organic vegetables. Soups are packaged in reusable glass containers.

Soup for You! kicks off its third season and subscriptions are still available. Catering is also available. Find Soup for You! on Facebook or call 612-978-7974.

The next time you pass by Bethany Lutheran Church, don’t be surprised if you smell soup in the air.