Song Sung Blue



Director: GREG KOHS

Song Sung Blue is a documentary feature that rediscovers the inspiring and tragic love story of Lightning & Thunder, a homegrown Milwaukee husband and wife-singing duo that pay tribute to the music of Neil Diamond.

Filmmaker Greg Kohs goes backstage into the personal lives with this brave couple – from their humble beginnings over 20 years ago to the threshold of fame, from disaster to rebirth as authentic American performers. In real life, Mike (Lightning) and his beloved wife Claire (Thunder) are working-class Milwaukee entertainers who struggle to keep their family together, get the next gig, and pay the rent. The remarkable story of hard knocks, their ups, down, and more downs, is laced with their devotion to each other and their drive to weather the professional as well as personal storms. (Winner of the Audience and Grand Jury Awards at the 2008 Slamdance Film Festival.)

Click here to view the trailer.


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