Sometimes things actually work out


Things haven’t gone exactly according to plan.   But, they are going.  Fairly well at that.

Something I Said (Papyrus Publishing, Inc. $14.99, thank you very please) and Angels Don’t Really Fly (BeatBad Records – CD) were slated to drop in 2011.  Neither one happened. However, in the better late, than never department, Something I Said now has seen the light of day.  Shaping up promotion with Anura Si-Asar (owner of Papyrus Publishing, Inc. who, by the by, was key in getting Mahmoud El-Kati to provide a foreword).  The songs from Angels Don’t Really Fly at least are getting airplay.  In the Seattle, Baltimore and London courtesy of Flava News Radio.  Works for yours truly. Any day out the week, twice on Sunday.

Appeared on “Soapbox” (Minneapolis Television Network – MTN, Ch. 17 — 5PM Mondays), rejoining host, ace buddy-cat Bill Borea and his sidekick, my man Terrence Griep.  Basically, it’s the old “Spectator” show with new producers, Keith Porter and a cat named Tim.  Both of ‘em pretty sharp, easy to work with.  Sang the old Buffalo Springfield song my Richie Furay, “Sad Memory”.  Had meant to sing “Death Don’t Have No Mercy”, the old Rev. Gary Davis blues, but, Billy got me so revved up, egging me on to comment on this and that touchy subject (including, this time around, interracial relationships), I skipped the song and me and him got off into it.  Had been a long time, ‘bout 3 or 4 years, so, we had a ball.  Didn’t get a chance to bust each other others chops hard as we love to, but, there’s always next time. Told him he’s just got to have powerhouse poet Tinitha “Da Black Pearll” Warren on the show.  Went out with her for Valentine’s Day to an erotic poetry slam at Keirnan’s in downtown Minneapolis.  She was strong, subtle and sexy as a hell (damned easy on the eye, too), reciting from her incredible book The Nucleus.   Everybody else who got up on-stage, frankly was dry as unbuttered toast.

Anyhow, along with singing and running off at the mouth with Billy and Terrence on “Soapbox”, managed to plug Something I Said (which, by the by, is already moving copies here and there.  That promotion me and Anura are getting shaped up thus far includes upcoming appearances on “Health Notes from the Heart of a Natural Woman” (KFAI) as featured guest of producer/host Kinshasha Kambui and Flava News Radio for “Stepping on the Leopard Carpet with Lady Flava” (

Got home and had to set right in, sadly enough, writing the MN Spokesman-Spokesman Recorder obit for Whitney Houston.  Damn shame about her.

Elsewise, have been commissioned to script a short play about Jackie Robinson for Minnesota African American Museum & Cultural Center. So, no, progress hasn’t proceeded in accord with a blueprint. But, things could be, y’ have to admit, a lot worser.  Stay tuned.