Some highlights: A con man, an earthquake and I don’t know exactly what THAT was…


We’ve passed the half-way mark and can I just say what a great Fringe we’re having? Thanks to the staff and all of the fantastic volunteers for making this thing such an incredible experience.

I didn’t vote yesterday. Go ahead and be disappointed in me. I thought I knew what I was going to do, but then I sort of forgot about it until my choice was to vote or see QUAKE…and since I had definitively picked what show I wanted to see, I went with the clear decision.

I have a few favorites from the past two days. Great to see Jessica Ferris in Missing: the fantastical and true story of my father’s disappearance and what I found when I looked for him at Intermedia Arts. Jessica’s multi-media show is fascinating and wonderful. Jessica spent years conducting the family forensics that serve as the backbone of this story. Very highly recommended. Wednesday at 7, Thursday at 10, Saturday at 1.

Uncle Shelby’s Traveling Treasure Trunk presented by Shelby Company at Minneapolis Theatre Garage. In from New York, this is an excellent choice if you’re in the mood for an array of odd, but charming, little vignettes. Funny, strange, and nicely executed, expect slightly differing lineups for each show. Never the same show twice! Next show Friday at 8:30.

QUAKE: A Closet Love Story presented by Rawredmeat Productions at Bryant-Lake Bowl. I have to say this is one of my favorites – I fought claustrophobia throughout the excellent story of an estranged couple locked in a closet after an earthquake. Story interspersed with fascinating earthquake facts. Have I mentioned how happy I am that we don’t have earthquakes in Minnesota? Thursday at 8:30, Friday at 10.