A social neighborhood is a safe neighborhood


Walker’s groups, also known as “Stroll Patrols”, are happening in the ECCO neighborhood, and YOU are invited to join them. These groups of neighborhood residents are meeting and greeting and keeping eyes open for both regular and irregular activities as they walk and talk. 911 calls sent from a safe distance by these groups can prevent or interrupt unwelcome activity. Reports sent by Stroll Patrols to MPD provide information that enables them to provide better and targeted service. The more we know each other, the stronger the community, and the safer we all are.

Stroll Patrols will be walking throughout the week, at different times of day and evening, and will soon be easily identifiable by brightly colored hats with the ECCO logo on them. Each walk has a contact person, and starts at a specific time and place. The group decides the route through the neighborhood as they walk. People typically walk once a week, but may do it more or less often. Children and friendly dogs are also invited and welcome.

According to Tom Thompson, our assigned MPD Security Officer, crime is down overall in ECCO, but certain kinds of crime continue to be a problem. Auto break-ins are one of the main reported crimes, especially over lunch hours, where valuables are visible, like GPS units, purses and wallets. Putting these items away BEFORE arriving at your destination is highly advised. Open doors and windows and open garages are also easy targets and among the more frequently reported crime in ECCO. A simple security precaution is to keep purses and computers away from open windows and doors to prevent “grab and go” theft. And wait until your garage door has closed fully before driving away to be sure it isn’t leaving an open invitation.

Stroll Patrols are a healthy, enjoyable way to make new friends and build a stronger community. The best time to walk is whenever you can do it. Please Join Us! Contact Nancy Ward, ECCO Board member, for details, at 612-824-1343.

Also, the newly formed Neighborhood Safety Committee will meet on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at Dunn’s Coffee Shop, 34th and Hennepin. Safety Officer Tom Thompson will be there to listen to concerns and answer questions.

Come and let us know what you are thinking.