Social media use by Minnesota elected officials


This week Representative Michelle Bachmann celebrated her social media engagement as an example of what she could bring to Republican leadership. Apparently she was speaking on Fox news – but I read about it on The Hill

Bachmann pointed to her rapidly increasing number of followers on Facebook as evidence of her appeal and said she would like to see other GOP lawmakers reach out to the public in a similar fashion.

“For instance, I would love to see all of our members have at least 100,000 people on their Facebook page. I have 140,000 people, and we’re growing that,” Bachmann said.

“The more we can communicate and have a two-way conversation with the American people, the more we as representatives will stay in touch with what people want us to do in D.C. That can only increase a positive outcome for everyone,” she added.

Secretary of State Mark Ritchie is perhaps not celebrating his use of social media. He is getting into hot water for Tweets. According to MinnPost

[Former Secretary of State Mary] Kiffmeyer alleged that his tweets are being posted on his “official” Twitter account, but that’s not correct. They are being posted on his personal account – which does identify him as the secretary of state – but that’s linked to his political campaign site.

It looks a little like a “he said, she said” argument – but interesting to see how social media is being used and with level of success.