Smothers Brothers Grimm, Painting Portraits, Luke Comes to Life!, and Motherbanking Bankholes


The Smothers Brothers Grimm, presented by Comedy Suitcase at the Rarig Thrust, is a very funny show that will have appeal for the whole family. Really little kids might find the bridging dialogue a bit boring (as judged by how much my seat was being kicked by the small person behind me), but there were many moments of hysterical laughter coming from kids in the audience. Eleven-year-old Andrew Moy is a show stealer, shining bright among a cast of some of the funniest performers in town: Joshua Scrimshaw, Levi Weinhagen, Shanan Custer and Eric Webster. With live piano accompaniment, this is a great show to put on your list. Prepare yourself (and your little people) for long lines, but know that the lines move lightening fast and the theater is enormous. Next up Sunday at 5:30.

Next to Painting Portraits in the Rarig Arena. Support some young talent and see this piece. I don’t have any real criticism other than “young.” (And that’s not exactly a fault. Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.) There is some real talent here, if a bit unpolished. They just need to put on a few miles. Worth considering, for sure.

I stayed at the Arena for Luke Comes to Life! presented by Wesley Brainard. I mentioned earlier that I normally wouldn’t be running to see a show about Jesus (unless it was something like the Comedy Jesus Show from a couple years ago). Wesley’s story telling is utterly engaging and I really, really enjoyed his show. Wesley Brainard performing stories from the Bible is similar, to me, to Tim Mooney performing Shakespeare. Wesley and Tim are both excellent performers, and both have a thorough grasp of their source material. I’m about equally familiar with both writings (i.e., very little). I’m still going to get a little confused along the way, but that’s not the fault of their performance. Luke Comes to Life! again Sunday at 4.

Motherbanking Bankholes is a really smart one-man standup routine cleverly breaking down how our system of banking is leading us into an unrecoverable pit of debt and misery, only funny. Phil speaks truth, folks, and lucky for us, he’s funny as hell otherwise we’d all just drink until we got the nerve to commit mass suicide right there in the lovely HUGE Theater. Not preachy enough to haunt you with the urge to actually do anything about either your personal debt or that of our nation. I know this is not likely his intent, but I found it oddly reassuring to be reminded that I am not alone in my slavery to interest payments.  Very highly recommended, and besides, Phil is a great guy and he also makes killer guacamole. Next show Monday at 7.