“Silent Poetry 2” and “Jurassic Dork”


by Wendy Gennaula | 8/1/09 • Friday: Fringe Day 2

We only made it to two shows tonight. I didn’t plan on the lost cell phone, the dysfunctional ATM at the Science Museum of Minnesota, and the 25 minute wait to exit the SMM parking lot. Fortunately, the show we missed (The Frog Prince) has another show tomorrow that slides into the only blank spot in our schedule.

Silent Poetry 2, Mime inspired by Marcel Marceau, was at the top of Tommy’s list the day the 2009 schedule went live. Dean Hatton’s 2008 solo show was one of his favorites last year. This year Hatton is joined by Kirsten Stephens. The duo is brilliant. I don’t have the technical vocabulary to describe what they do; I only know that it amazes me. During the five different vignettes the pair took us through the spectrum of human emotion using only their bodies and faces. We saw a high speed chase, a light saber battle, a dancing corpse, and “Jackass the Mime”. But at times there was also a stillness, a space that had more feeling than mere words can express. Stephens’ anguished prayer in “One Sunday Morning” was achingly beautiful.

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The show is listed as for ages 0+ but I would wait until a child is old enough to sit relatively still.

Tommy also found some of the team’s work on you tube this morning. Check out this one!

The second show was Jurassic Dork at the Gremlin in St. Paul. It was easy to get there from Rarig. Parking is free and easy across the street at the US Bank. While I have enjoyed many of Gremlin’s productions over the years, I hadn’t been in their new space until the Fringe for All.

Jurassic Dork was a lot of fun. John Skelley did more than re-enact the movie Jurassic Park, he created an original experience. Using minimal props, Skelley plays all of the characters, including the dinosaurs. He out-Goldblums Jeff Goldblum. I enjoyed the fringe show more than the movie. Jurassic Dork isn’t listed as a kid’s show but I would highly recommend this as a family fringe outing.

Wendy Gennaula is a singer and actress in the Twin Cities. She is the mother of two extraordinary Fringelings.

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