Shrimp Truck dinner at Bruce and Karen’s


by Jeremy Iggers May 30, 2009 • The shrimp truck dinner came to town this week, so Bruce and Karen invited a bunch of friends. Bruce started us off with a couple of amuse-bouches: one jumbo shrimp served with a dollop of French mango-apricot preserves, followed by another drizzled with vanilla, accompanied by Eric’s homemade no-knead bread. Larry produced the salad course – mixed greens with crawfish tails and a Sriracha mayonnaise. Bruce struck again, this time with crab Casanova, huge mounds of crab meat flambeed in Cognac and served over grilled toast. Karen followed with a star turn: shrimp primavera, with snow peas, asparagus, shiitakes and garlic mustard from the back yard. Then Pamela and Eric (a different Eric) produced a Mediterrasian shrimp in green curry. Finally, the cheese course (my homemade no-knead bread, with a selection of Kowalski’s finest), and Tesla’s spectacular strawberry rhubarb pie.

All in all, a terrific meal.

Iggers Digest is the blog of Jeremy Iggers, the TC Media Alliance’s executive director. Jeremy is also the creator of TCFoodies, a local food networking site.

I wouldn’t inflict this blow-by-blow account of a never-to-be repeated dinner on you all, except for the hard news angle: the shrimp truck. Bruce and Karen are on the mailing list of Fabian Seafood, which comes to town every three or four weeks, sets up shop in a parking lot, and sells fresh seafood driven up – or sometimes flown up – from Galveston: shrimp, crab, crawfish, red snapper, and sometimes oysters and flounder. I couldn’t find a price list – Bruce tells me that the prices aren’t cheap – but it’s all fresh, never frozen, and very high quality.

I called their phone number in Galveston (409-765-9522) this morning to find out where they will be this weekend.

P.S. Bruce adds the following: “Steve Fabian told me that they’ll be back in three weeks. And you can sign up on their website to get an email, or physical post card, every weekend they come to town.”

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