Shows I saw on August 4


Hello Fringe Goers,

Yesterday was a great start of the Fringe. I unfortunately was only able to see two shows because Shijin was a very last minute cancelation from the Fringe. But I will see more today.

1.      Buckets and Tap Shoes: by 10 Foot 5 Productions

This was the first show of the Fringe I saw and what a great start. It was a wonderful show. The opening of the show really set the mood of the dynamics the group had. Everyone on the stage you can tell was having fun and I was having a blast watching the various tap routines. My favorite part of the show was when they tapped dance to a classical music piece. I also like the various little magic tricks that were scattered throughout the show. Overall it was a good show and I definitely recommend that you all see it before it starts to sell out.

 2.      Our Freaking Kids Show: by Mainly Me Productions

This show had me non-stop laughing throughout the entire show. The show is about a struggling theater company who writes a kids show so that they can have a sure fire hit. The entire show was just really funny. The various pop culture references and the integration of the music really brought the show together to bring a hilarious play and it was entertaining from beginning to end. I know that this is going to be one of those shows that will sell out real soon.  So I suggest you see it as soon as you can.  

I will be seeing a lot more shows tonight, if anyone has a show that is teen friendly, please feel free to email me.