Show of force just the trend!


As the “War on Terror” unfolded from the Washington high command after 9/11, many warned of the creeping loss of liberty. The water temperature on a pot of frogs is increased so gradually they never catch on to what is happening. We lemmings meekly accepted library searches, phone tapping, the silliness of removing shoes at the airport and the many forbidden travel items – bottled water, baby formula, shampoo. Freedom loving Americans watched as personal items were pawed by federally employed “security forces”. We stood silently and obediently as our bodies were prodded, poked and groped. All of this very expensive stupidity to make us safer. It’s now clear that we are far less secure but millions poorer than when this sham began.

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Some recognized that these security exercises primary purpose was to soften us up. If we were willing to be stripped and groped, be surrounded by black shirted police and subject to all sorts of minor violations of our personal liberty as guaranteed by the Constitution, we would certainly not object if the secret police came in the night and violated our home. Just like the frogs in the kettle, our freedom is slowly peeled away. How big a step is it be ordered to put your hands on your head, be handcuffed and face down in the street? Invasion of and loss of personal property is just collateral damage.

The headline of Section B, September 6, of the Minneapolis Star Tribune proudly proclaims, “Massive show of force fits the trend.” In other words the police atrocities in St. Paul and Minneapolis are just a logical and natural growth of the Bush War on America. So what if the water temperature rose a bit? We just have a “…securitization of major political events.” No worries.

We see unbelievably armed and equipped 3700 police, apparently directed by the secret national police. Our local governments stood by and let the RNC and the secret police take over the cities. They arrested over 800 people, another record for our shame list to join the 35W bridge. The fact that most were totally innocent, many were professional journalists doing their job as protected by the Constitution, the only profession so honored, is not important. St. Paul will join historical infamy. In Minneapolis they smashed doors of homes, handcuffed hundreds, had them face down on the ground.

The equipment and air support of the black shirts was a sight to behold! Would that our troops fighting Bush’s war were as well equipped. We are used to the defense bloodsucking companies profiting on our wars, but here we have police equipment supplies enjoying the “security” largess.

Yes, there were some criminals and trouble makers among the crowds. Some even had web sites. The FBI’s acclaimed infiltration these and other vegan groups supplied a lot of actionable intelligence. They should have been tracking and arresting as appropriate. Appropriate arrest is not just some mad cop’s whim. But why is it necessary to have secret police infiltrating the 10,000 law abiding citizens? Preventative arrests used to be science fiction (Tom Cruise in Minority Report, 2002). If we are allowed unfettered wars of aggression, why not arrests on a whim. What a sad day for this country.

There have been several patronizing press conferences by our mayors and the St. Paul attorneys. They carefully follow their script, “Appropriate police response. Cases will be processed normally and according to law.” Does any thinking person believe this?

I trust that the citizens of St. Paul and Minneapolis will act appropriately and according to law to recall the mayors, remove the Ramsey County sheriff and the other law breakers in our local governments.