Shameless plug of the weekend: Twin Cities Improv Festival (TCIF) 4


This is the thing I’m most bummed about missing this weekend, so if you have the chance, you definitely shouldn’t miss it. (Yes, you.)

Because just like Christmas and the Minnesota Fringe Festival, the Twin Cities Improv Festival (TCIF) comes but once a year. And the time is now.

And what a great line-up they have, once again. (I seriously need to plan my summer better next year.)

TCIF (#4) has already begun. Last night’s improv fiends included visiting acts from Philadelphia, Chicago and New York, in addition to our local comic geniuses in Fingergun, What If? and Stevie Rays’s.

Tonight (Friday) the double bills…

7 pm
(Tom Reed and Tyler Samples don’t get to play together as much since Tyler moved to Chicago, so this is special treat)
Phoenix’s troupe, Apollo 12

8:30 pm
Comedy Sports TC
Austin’s Parallelogramophonograph

10 pm
Dishwater Blondes from Denver
and locals, the Gay Straight Alliance

11:30 pm
Confidence Men from Austin (improv David Mamet style? well, f**k me)
and Jill Bernard’s wonderful Drum Machine

12:30 am
Chicago sends us a Stripper’s Picnic
sharing the bill with
our own Five Man Job

Saturday, June 26 holds…

6 pm
Storybox from Chicago

7 pm
The Reckoning, out of Chicago
with our own
Brave New Workshop

8:30 pm
plus our own
Splendid Things

10 pm
the mind-boggling SCRAM (which I still remember two years later)
and our beloved weirdos
Ferrari McSpeedy

and to cap it all off on Sunday, June 27
we have the four-car pile-up of local comedy that is…

8 pm
Mustache Rangers