Shameless plug of the day (weekend)—Twin Cities Improv Festival


by Matthew A. Everett • June 26, 2008 • Just got tapped to start writing for the community arts website (I’m actually getting paid for arts writing in something other than comp tickets – a most welcome first, I’m very excited.) My first assignment, the equally exciting Twin Cities Improv Festival. I’ll be immersing myself in nearly all of the performances, and I’m doing a lot of background work in advance, to try and get the context right. Then four days after TCIF is over, the piece is due.

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There’s a great mix of local and out of town improv acts on display (plus they have workshops by the visiting artists going on over the weekend during the day) – all at the Brave New Workshop

Thursday 6/26 – Larynx, T-Rex Force, Stevie Ray’s, SCRAM (Chicago), Vaudeville With a Pig, 123 IMPROV!!, and Toy Soup

Friday 6/27 – pH (Chicago), the Election Show (Seattle), Rampleseed, Irish Mutts (San Francisco), Five Man Job, Coldtowne (Austin, TX), Girls, Girls, Girls (Austin, TX), Pimprov (Chicago), and Neutrino – Twin Cities

Saturday 6/28 – the Onion Writers (NYC), Ferrari McSpeedy, the Josh and Tamra Show (NYC), Brave New Workshop, BASSPROV (Chicago), Survivors of the Undead Plague, and Darby Lane (NYC/Los Angeles)

Sunday 6/29 – Police Cop Detective PI, Mustache Rangers, HUGE, and Buddy Daddy

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