Shameless Plug of the Day: “Pissing on the Great Wall”


I don’t normally double-dip my theater in the same day outside of Fringe time (nor do I normally get the opportunity).  But either Friday or Saturday this weekend, 4/16 or 4/17, at 10:30pm, I’m going to do my best to head over to the Minneapolis Theatre Garage for a little extra late night theater.  Why, you ask?  Well, after Joking Envelope wraps up each of their final two performances of Safe As Houses this weekend, they leave the stage open for Maximum Verbosity‘s phillip andrew bennett low to remount his latest solo storytelling effort, P*ssing on the Great Wall.

“Three years ago, a cranky Chinese-American concluded a quest to find his ancestors that led him across four continents and four thousand years. Now, in the midst of a new identity crisis, the champion of negative thought is going back to China.

Whether he’s beating the streets of Beijing in pursuit of a stolen backpack or confronting Communism in an Emperor’s tomb, engaging in a battle of wits with overzealous tour guides or performing a pig sacrifice in his ancestral village, founding Rockstar Storyteller phillip low returns with more mystery, more musings, and of course more angst, in his first travelogue since the 2007 Fringe hit “Descendant of Dragons.”

WARNING: This show contains adult language.”

For those of you who don’t already know mr. low…

“phillip low is a Chinese-American playwright and slam poet, storyteller and mime, theatre critic and libertarian activist. His performances have won acclaim at such varied venues as the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, Spirit in the House, FoolFest, and the Iowa, DC, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Melbourne, and Minnesota Fringe Festivals, where his one-man show ‘Descendant of Dragons’ was the bestselling show in its venue and honored with a coveted Encore slot. He was also the co-founder and first Chair of the Rockstar Storytellers, a team of bestselling Minneapolis spoken-word artists.”

Plus, of course, he’s a blogger here on the Daily Planet.

Why go?  Well, it’s a followup to his previous solo hit, Descendant of Dragons, about which I wrote…

“It’s a mystery story that satisfies because it is about more than the nuts and bolts of solving a puzzle. It’s a family story that doesn’t shy away from the difficult moments, but also doesn’t dissolve into sentimentality. It’s a window into another culture, without being a dry sociology lesson. It’s a globe-trotting journey that doesn’t fall into ‘look at these slides of my vacation’ territory. Amazingly, it’s just one guy, standing on a stage, telling a compelling story, with very little in the way of theater tricks to back him up. Because he doesn’t need them.”

So head on over to 711 West Franklin Avenue (the corner of Franklin and Lyndale Avenues in Minneapolis) and hit the Theater Garage for your own double feature.  Tickets are $12, $10 with Fringe button.  Reservations at 612-280-9210.  More information at