Shameless plug of the day: “Murderess” (one night only)


by Matthew A. Everett | 5/18/09 • Lizzie Borden would like your company this evening (Monday, May 18, 2009). So would Laura Fair, and Belle Gunness. Just watch your back.

Details – (tonight) Monday, May 18, 2009, at 7:30 pm

Performance Location
Brackett Park Recreation Center
2728 39th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55406

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Anne Bertram, local playwright and Managing Director of Theatre Unbound, has crafted a new one woman show for actress Kristen Shea – who used to be local, but now is based in New York City. Stacey Poirier, Artistic Director of Theatre Unbound, is the director of the piece.

The play, “Murderess,” is, in the words of the playwright…

“a suite of three monologues by killers from American history: Laura Fair (whose case Mark Twain fictionalized in “The Gilded Age”), Belle Gunness (an Indiana serial killer from the early part of the 20th century), and, of course, Lizzie Borden, who famously took up an axe. It has been fun, and a huge challenge, to dig into their stories and shape these monologues. This is the only performance of ‘Murderess‘ that we have planned in the Twin Cities this year, so come if you can; I’d love to know what you think.”

They applied to the Minnesota Fringe Festival, but sadly languish way down on the second half of the list, so chances for an August run here don’t look good.

But thanks to this performance, we get a chance to see it anyway, and help support the New York premiere, which is still on track for this year.

I’m a huge fan of Anne’s writing. So much so that I touted her as one of five local writers that would be part of my dream season of plays for a theater, were I allowed to program such a thing, in a recent article for I admire her economy with language, her intelligence, and her sly sense of humor. We’ve also crafted a few short plays together stemming from work on the 24 Hour Play Projects for Theatre Unbound – including Dog Tag, which was not only part of last year’s Minnesota Fringe Festival, but also got picked up by a college down south in Baton Rouge, and a scrappy little theater company down (not quite as south) in Chicago, all in 2008. A busy year for the Dog. Other oddities we’ve composed are Hunt For The Bus Monkey, Touched By A Handbag, and Feather Duster.

All this goes by way of saying, I’m totally there tonight, and would gladly pay more than $25 for the privilege to see and support Anne’s work (and I may yet, as I hear there’s a tiny silent auction taking place as well this evening).

It’s a great way to spend your Monday night and kick off your theater-going week.

Join us, won’t you?

Once more…

Written by Anne Bertram
Directed by Stacey Poirier

May 18, 2009

Theatre Unbound hosts a benefit performance of Kristen Shea in Murderess, a new play by Anne Bertram. In this one-woman show, three famous killers from American history – Laura Fair, Belle Gunness, and Lizzie Borden – defend their crimes. One night only!

Performance Date and Time:

Monday, May 18, 2009
7:30 pm

Performance Location:

Brackett Park Recreation Center
2728 39th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55406

Ticket Information:

Tickets are $25 and are available at the door.

Proceeds to benefit Kristen’s New York production of the piece.


Tea and cookies will be served!

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