Shameless plug of the day: Fringe 2009 Dance Preview (Wednesday only)


by Matthew A. Everett | 7/6/09 • John Munger, fellow Fringe blogger and ambassador of dance to both the dance experts and novices among us (I’m decidedly the latter), has his monthly Third Rabbit Dance show coming up this Wednesday, July 8th at 7pm at the Bryant Lake Bowl – and this month, as is his annual custom, the show is devoted to showcasing some of the dance acts in the Fringe this year. Here’s his message about it with the details…

“Hello folks,

single white fringe geek is the blog of matthew a. everett. in addition to being one of six bloggers covering the minnesota fringe festival for the daily planet, he blogs throughout the year about theater and culture.

The thrill of getting drawn in the Fringe Lottery!! The agony of De Feet!! Did you know that more dance performances happen in the Twin Cities as part of the Fringe Festival than at any other week-an-a-half period in the entire year?

Once again The Rabbit Show hops to it, this time with “Dance Shows That Got Into The Fringe.” Over half a dozen artists, companies or dance-makers will have seven or eight minutes each to preview and discuss work destined for Minnesota’s finest grass roots performing arts event, the Minnesota Fringe Festival in August.

See work and get a chance to chat with

Denise Armstead (her show – The Three Bonnies),

The Three Bonnies is an exhilarating, funny, frightening, sexy, moving multimedia piece using video, dancers, horses, spoken word and blues to explore the challenges of male-female relationships. Why can’t men and women learn to get along? Is sex just an itch we have to scratch from time to time or do we have to give up part of ourselves to join with another? Is it really worth all the pain or would you rather just have a good nap?

Kari Jensen (Stray Pieces),

16 dancers take the stage in a series of short works from classical ballet to hip-hop and tap. Exploring emotions, feeling, relationships and menopause, this dance show has something for everyone.

John Munger (My Body Made Me Do This),

Poetic jazzdance. Hotflash rhinos in tutus. Nutra-Sweet love. Turning on De Gas. Two Macks the Knife. Twenty bodies from dewy to decrepit. Dances to leave you twitching and sleepless. Guest artists. And cake.

Ready At Will Dance Collective (including Erin Drummond, Denise Gagner, Laura Grant, Mandy Herrick, Mary Clare Lindsley and Taja Will) (Re: Trace),

Step into a visceral excavation of a living, breathing building. Bold movement and evocative images overlap through hallways, stairwells, arteries and bony landmarks in a world of imagined memories.

Sara and Joe Scrimshaw (Mansion of Dust),

European master cleaners clash in a creaking mansion full of filth and secrets. Who will live? Who will dance? Who is the best duster? Oui! Ja!

and Cathy Wright Thrower of Light),

Thrower of Light reveals tales from the hidden corners of the human psyche. Dare to enter the cave of total theater and ride thrill and deception in a chasm of emotion.

plus video from “Like You Mean It” (Like You Mean It), a postmodern improvisational trio coming from Ohio.

Like you mean it will keep you on your toes. We dance we talk. We have a cool DJ. Sometimes we stand on our toes. Sometimes we make jokes. It’s different every night. You’ll probably want to come back twice. You get to mess with us. –you’ll make an installation for us. We’ll navigate it. You won’t have to do anything embarrassing. We might embarrass ourselves. Apparently we’re like an acid trip–a guy in the audience said that once. We make sense. We make no sense. We mean it.

And maybe others to be added at the last minute.

The show is Wednesday, July 8, at Bryant Lake Bowl.

Doors at 6:00, curtain at 7:00.

Tickets $6.00 – $10.00 sliding as you choose.

Reservations at or at 612-825-8949.

Trust me, you have to be heroic to see all the dance shows on The Fringe. There are usually about 20. But this way you can taste half a dozen advance samples and maybe make some choices. Plus eat, drink and be merry at the BLB. Fringe on!!


For other dance insights, check in regularly with John’s Fringe blog. I do.

Matthew A. Everett is a local playwright and three-time recipient of grant support from the Minnesota State Arts Board. Information on Matthew and his plays can be found at

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