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by Matthew A. Everett • June 16, 2008 • “The Earth will Vomit forth snakes if you ever barter my soul…”

My mail box is starting to be populated with all sorts of Fringey information, so I thought I’d toss some of it out there for general consumption. The artist who sent the following to me actually called it a “shameless plug” and I thought that was suitably catchy, so here’s the first candidate in our continuing parade of the

Shameless Plug of the Day…

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Disquietude Theatre Company presents

The Chasm: Two Prevailing Winds of Gabriela Mistral”

Can hope co-exist with despair?

[blogger’s note – “uh… yes?”]

In “The Chasm“, created and adapted by Hector Roberts, based on the poetry of Gabriela Mistral, sorrow and tenderness are juxtaposed in a… multimedia movement performance which opens as part of the Minnesota Fringe Festival at the Ritz Theatre on July 31 and runs through August 8th.

Gabriela Mistral, the Chilean poet who won the Nobel Prize in 1949, created a body of work that is as profound as it is divergent. As a devoted teacher and educator, Mistral wrote a great deal of tender poetry for children, but her work also delves in the darkest caverns of the human soul in her poems of death, bitterness, and shame. Disquietude Theatre explores the dichotomous aspects of Mistral’s work using the symbol of a mirror to mark the chasm between death and life.

Using movement, spoken and projected poetry in both Spanish and English, and projected images, Disquietude Theatre creates a highly
visual piece. Director Sheila Regan leads a team of movement performers including Alejandra Tobar, Indira Addington, Sasha Wallach, Maria Sarmiento, Kelsey Ann Olson, Dana Huseth, and Laurel Orman.
Their image-based movement is accompanied by a minimalist, post-punk score created by acoustic and electronic composer John Torgeson and a collage of projected text and images created by Hector Roberts.

Disquietude Theatre is a new collaborative group of artists that seek to create text-based theatre productions using movement as well as visual and audio elements to present new work to audiences…

Performances at the Ritz Theater are on

July 31 at 7pm
August 1 at 10:00 pm
August 2 at 8:30 pm
August 4 at 7pm, and
August 8 at 10:00pm

For ticket information, visit

For more information about Disquietude Theater Company, visit

[Curious? They have a fundraiser coming up at Keiran’s Irish Pub on July 1 at which they’ll be presenting a sampler from the production]

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