Shahar Eberzon: Face forward


Can you feel the heat?

She works out by covering the music of the great purveyors of “conscious” music – Ben Harper, Nina Simone, Bob Marley.

She is not afraid to introduce you to the fire of her own lyricism, singing songs that are accompanied by her fierce strumming on acoustic guitar. She could not stop destiny. She was meant to be a singer, a musician. In her own words, “You don’t choose to do music. The music chooses to channel itself through you.”

You just got tuned into Shahar Eberzon – singer of songs to help the world change for the better.

Eberzon’s father is a poet, and a great literary and artistic influence in her life, however, it is her grandmother that comes readily to mind when Eberzon reflects on the message that is consistently found in her music – one of challenge to atrocities against humanity. Her grandmother survived the Holocaust; survived the “death walk” intended to kill off survivors of its concentration camps, a way to literally eliminate physical evidence of the camps and to prevent repatriation of war prisoners. Her grandmother lived to instill in granddaughter a high regard for life.

Left: Shahar Eberzon (Photo by Jayme Halbritter); Right: Face Forward Artist Gathering 2013 (Photo: Ilya Natarius, Theo Christofore, Aaron Hays and Marcos Juarez Gosselin)

As a result – as songwriter, as singer, as musician, – Eberzon is inspired to sing songs of conviction fueled by words that may make some uncomfortable. However, if you listen to her long enough, you find yourself getting over your unease and nodding in agreement. That’s what she does; she hits on the right notes to affect hearts and souls.

These flames are not fanned by her, alone.

As the artist and community development representative for local arts organization, Face Forward, Eberzon is in the company of like-minded artists focused on realizing humanity through art.

Founded by Amanda Leaveck (left), a multi-talented artist and socially innovative organizer (who is primarily known for her dance), the mission of Face Forward is to support the community by supporting local artists.

Face Forward educators focus the self-development and discovery on using art for social change. Every gathering is highly interactive, with time to spare at the very end for sharing and artist’s latest artistic endeavor or announcing an upcoming show.

Face Forward artists are street artists, they are fire-spinners, they are spoken word artists, they paint, they draw, they act, they sing, they dance, they are business entrepreneurs, they wait tables by day, sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, community activists, world travelers, peacemakers and much more.

For more information on Face Forward and its artist community, visit

Right: Face Forward education team: Alissa Paris Gilbert (left), Lauren Miller (top) and Rachel Summers (right).