Getting ready for Showtime — MayDay, May 3, 2015

All life is twined together. A Tree of Life.

The celebrants of the MayDay Parade and Ceremony are fixing their ideas and concepts with tape, paper, and paste.


Vietnam Veterans Demand Attention

Photos By: 
Ben Zvan

Attention: Pau Her

Without context, Pao Her's photographs appear to be simply portraits of U.S. veterans from the 19th century.


Making MayDay Parade, Ceremony, Festival happen – get involved

After two community meetings, and many gatherings, discussions, and meetings with the artists on the 2015 MayDay roster, the theme for 2015 settled on i


You are Invited — MayDay Ultimate Make

The theatre was buzzing on Saturday morning. All the images here are from Saturday April 11, 2015.


Circus Juventas hits the international high wire

Members of Circus Juventas model the spinning cube. Photo by Dan Norman.

Weather in Minnesota may be flirting with winter and spring at the same time, but across the Atlantic some Twin Cities ambassadors are heating things up. The occasion? The Waldoni Circus Festival in Darmstadt, Germany. The ambassadors? Charlotte Richardson-Deppe, Jenna Ober, Rabiya Sehgal-LaRocque, and Shayna Rutledge ­– four area high school students who are also members of Circus Juventas.


The People's Passion Play

Xavier Tavera's series Via Crucis

Today is Good Friday, the day Christians around the world commemorate Jesus’ crucifixion.


ART REVIEW | Don't miss "In Which ____ and Others Discover the End Performance"

I love the idea of mashing up visual art, music and dance. Just last month I enjoyed a similar show (Stripe Tease) at the Walker. So I was thrilled to get walk-up tickets to the first of the Final Performances of In Which ____ and Others Discover the End Performance. I brought my favorite 10-year old date.


Wintertide at Public Functionary: Juried and varied visual art

Saturday night, Public Functionary opened their Wintertide show. A biennial art exhibition presented by Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association (NEMAA) and Public Functionary. It's a juried show of mixed visual art forms - photography, mixed media, painting and drawing and sculpture. It was a mix of themes and perspectives. There were more than a few pieces that caught my eye.

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