School’s out for the summer…


We just shut off our cable and I have stripped my phone of games, I am vanquishing the Wii to the basement, and am hoping rain only occurs at night. Though a good frolic in a summer downpour never hurt anyone. I think I can remember it being fun. At least that is what I will tell my Things when I suggest, yet again, that they get outside.

Wish me luck.

I don’t know what I am doing or why exactly. I think it’s because I want my kids to be able to settle themselves without a screen. It’s hard. I, too, will work to manage my own habits. I will write and try to post, without lurking about on-line as I normally do. I guess my little experiment is about seeing if we can handle talking to each other more and finding ways to enjoy each other that aren’t technology-based. I maintain people and relationships will always be more important than computers and being an expert in one area will definitely NOT help you with the other if it is always the default. I would like to think my Things could wait in the dentist’s office without a tv to watch or a game to play on my phone. I would like to think my Things could sit in the back of the car without screeching at other when technology isn’t available to distract them. It’s likely I am dreaming because my Things fight…and nitpick and they don’t appear to really like each other. It seems I am setting myself up for a rough ride.

I give myself a week.

I have a pool pass, little trips planned, chore lists compiled, art supplies on hand and bicycle maintenance complete.

I don’t pray in a traditional sense, but it is likely that you will hear me mutter about God a lot in the next few days. I won’t use His name in vain, but it may border on PG-13. It’s also likely that I will find out a bit more about how moderate alcohol consumption is good for my health. Or theirs. I have a feeling that could work both ways.