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I live in the Phillips community, but I never knew that the green institute provides much of our energy. every day, I take a walk on the greenway. It turns out that the greenway was actually built for bikes and walks. the green institute contributes to the greenway so that their vision can come to life. I believe people take advantage of the greenway so they can experience the great outdoor environment that they generally miss out on.


According to the green institute website, the green institute, non-profit organization, was built in 1993 by community activists as a positive vision that people could look to. The green institute has a green roof on top of their building and solar panels. The green institute focuses more on the Phillips neighborhoods and other low-income communities. It helps save money and energy for residents and small businesses. Diana Mckeown metro -CERT NETWORK COORDINATOR” We help educates people about how they can reduce their home energy use and save money. Is one example of what we do.”


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Julia Eagles, the Metro CERTS Community Organizer, said, “By the Hennepin county first they wanted the green institute to be turned into a garbage site where the neighborhood can drop off their garbage. They came up with building a green institute building a model for green building.” The green institute is build out of reused materials, the woods and bricks and some of the metals.


They have a retail store inside the green institute. People can donation many things they don’t need in their house. Diana Mckeown metro -CERT NETWORK COORDINATOR “Our organization reclaims valuable building materials from homes and businesses before they remodeled or torn down to prevent them from going into the landfill. Some examples of items include doors, cabinets, kitchen counters, flooring, and light fixtures. “


Something that you can do to help the environment turn off the all you’re lights and when you’re not in the room. Wash your clothes in cold water. Drive less many walk and bike. Eat fresh organic foods. Buy local foods from you’re locate stores. Diana Mckeown metro -CERT NETWORK COORDINATOR “Personally, I have a commitment to ride my bike every day either to work or for errands to reduce my carbon footprint from driving my car.”