Sarah Palin: Trojan Horse


I’ve just finished reading more about the spread of the Palin populist electricity out there, the news of the previously silent masses of women who have been energized by Sarah Palin’s entry into the race. The Women who claim to be tired of the Old Boys Club running politics and think that somehow Sarah Palin speaks with their voice and addresses their issues. So, it is to those dear Sisters that I say, “Enjoy the Euphoria, the shining moment that this seems to be for you!” But before you vote, please use your very practical minds and stop and think.

Think about where Sarah Palin came from and how she happened to enter this race and when. She is not an independent candidate that rose to power after months of debate, months of meeting and talking to folks all over the country, months of listening to your story, your needs, your dreams, months of hard fought elections pitting good men and women against each other. No. She was plucked from her place in remote Alaska because someone was looking for her, or someone just like her. They picked her because they realized that with just the right amount of spin and polish, they could manipulate YOU into voting for someone you don’t want as your president! They were cold, and calculating, and elated at the chance to mess with your mind by sending in their own version of a Trojan Horse. She’s smart. She’s cute. She’s spunky. She’s sarcastic. She’s real. She knows how to give it to these Men in Washington! But please, please don’t forget that those Men in Washington, together with their good friends on the Christian Right (James Dobson to name one), wheeled her out to the gates of your city just in time to get your attention and your vote. And if you vote for her, Voila’, too late you’ll realize that you just got John McCain! A man who only sees the world in terms of War. A man who can’t help but carry the wounds of PTSD after years of torture. You just got the whole Republican party with their years of failed policies at home and abroad, their years of whittling away at the rights of women, their years of ignoring the needs of families, and children, their years of policies guaranteed to speed, not slow the threat of global warming.

Sarah Palin ended up where she is because very, very powerful and scary men are trying very, very hard to fool you into voting for someone who won’t be a champion for women, for families, for children, for education, for the environment, or for peace. When you vote, please show them that we women are not so easily fooled!