Saint Lucia crowning on Saturday in Minneapolis


On Saturday, December 13, a choir of 100 children will proceed into Augustana Lutheran Church and a young woman will be crowned with lighted candles in the traditional Saint Lucia Pageant put on by the American Swedish Institute (ASI). Each year the ASI begins rehearsals for the pageant in November or early December, according to Jenn Stromberg from ASI. The choir is made up of children who are part of the ASI community.

Each year, a young woman between the ages of 16-22 is chosen to play Lucia, but the identity of Lucia is never revealed to anyone until December 13. After the children process into the church, the legend of Saint Lucia is told. According to the story, Lucia was a virgin who helped the poor, refused to marry a pagan, and was eventually burned at the stake. The ceremony begins at 2:30 p.m. at Augustana Lutheran Church (11th Ave S and 7th St) on Saturday December 13. Tickets: Call 612-871-4907