A sad day for democracy


It was an unjust and sad display of democracy at the Taste of Minnesota on July 4th this year when Green Party volunteers were shut out from engaging in democracy.

The Green Party of MN is required, due to minor party status, to collect signatures from Minnesota’s eligible voters between July 4 and July 18 to allow our candidates ballot access on November 7. When volunteers attempted to do so on public property, which their taxes have paid for, they were told by the St. Paul police that they had to stay 2,000 feet outside of the Taste of MN event boundaries.

We are awaiting return calls from Police Commander Brian Coyle and the
Taste of MN organizer Ron ‘Maddox to obtain in writing a copy of the
regulations they have implemented and enforced to shut our citizens from participating in democracy.

The experience has left a bitter “Taste” in our “MN” minds from the
unfair treatment by St. Paul city officials and Mr. Maddox on the very
day that we should be able to celebrate our independence and freedom

Danene Provencher, Green Party of MN Lieutenant Governor candidate
Ken Pentel, Green Party of MN Governor candidate
Dave Berger, Green Party of MN Auditor candidate
Michael Cavlan, Green Party of MN US Senate candidate