Rybak re-elected, legacy media immediately asks “Are you running for Guv?”


The election was barely over, yet the legacy media immediately wanted to know was Mayor R.T. Rybak running for Governor? It’s a question he’s answered repeatedly over the last year with the same answer: yes I’m likely to run, but I haven’t made a decision yet.

Reporters for The UpTake and the Minnesota Daily wanted to know about how the Mayor was going to follow through on creating more jobs in his next term. The Mayor gave detailed answers, which you can find here.

But then the radio, and newspaper reporters started in.

Q:What about the Governor’s race?

Mayor R.T. Rybak:Well I’ve been saying for many months that it’s likely I’m getting into the race and I’m saying the same thing now ’cause I… but I won’t be making any definitive measurement for a little bit of time. (inaudible) And I’m going to take a breath and then make a final decision.