Rybak and Coleman endorse Kelley for AG


In the latest example of their “two-mayors-joined-at-the-hip” political strategy, Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak and St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman today circulated a joint endorsement of DFL-endorsed attorney general candidate Steve Kelley.

“We know Steve will work with us and our communities to crack down on identity theft, meth rings, gangs, and violence. He will be an advocate for the resources we need to fight crime,” the mayors said in a joint statement, before, I suspect, retreating to yet another in a continuing series of lunches in which they happily acknowledge their shared political brilliance while trading nasty jokes about Randy Kelly.

It’s hard to tell, frankly, whether this is simply a case of two DFLers (albeit, one—Rybak—who’s never managed to gain the party’s endorsement) being loyal to the party’s choice. If I recall correctly, Matt Entenza, who pulled out of the race under duress, was spied at certain Rybak campaign functions last year, so it’s fair to wonder whether R.T. is just following orders (he’s been neutral in the governor’s race—before and since Kelley lost the endorsement to Mike Hatch, as far as I know). Let’s just chalk it up to consensus mayoral wisdom.