Ruthie Hendrycks and the passive aggressive style in Minnesota politics


Handed a resounding 99-33 first ballot defeat at Saturday’s SD21 GOP endorsing convention in Wanda, Minnesota, Ruthie Hendrycks (doing business as Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform) wrote to her followers in Ruthie’s Absence and her Election Results:

Dear Members(I’m Back – smiles) As promise [sic] in a previous email – I said I would be sharing with you what has caused me to be alittle [sic] behind in emails to one and all. Well, the situation was that an opportunity presented itself to run for office – actually MN State Senate. Torn whether to run or not with regards to the future of MINNSIR and a few others [sic] issues – I decided to take the plunge and run and wait for the end results of my campaign and address issues then. [Editor’s note: For her plans, read the last sentence of this May 6 New Ulm Journal article]

Only a few of you were aware of what I was doing and I thank them for all the support.

I did not inform everyone because I thought I could work, do MINNSIR and run for State Senate and no one would be the wiser – but the amount of time to the campaign really has affected my keeeping [sic] you informed and leading the charge against illegal immigration. [emphasis added]

Results – I did NOT receive the endorsement.

In fact – there were actions taken by a few individuals that involved my actions with MINNSIR and our website specifically that – they used to highly discourage the endorsement.


A natioanl [sic] boycott of We The Patriots – from 3-4 years ago – crazy!!!!

Must have been a pretty good candidate if this is the sort of thing they were forced to use against a upfront conservative candidate combatting illegal immigration and of course MN issues.

Yes, it’s someone else’s fault that she lost the endorsement–not the consequences of her own statements and positions.

My friends and I were actually hoping she’d be endorsed, but I figured that the good people who sent the moderate and sensible Dennis Frederickson to St. Paul for so many terms probably weren’t going to get with the program. Hendrycks continues:

It is what it is. With that – I wanted to share why I have been alittle behind lately [.] With the Race over – I can now do what I really believe I should be doing MINNSIR and working with you all to save our Nation, Secure Our Borders and end illegal immigration Again – sorry for the delay!So glad to be back


“Glad” isn’t the word that defines her opening smile.

If only few of Ruthie’s followers knew what she was doing, it’s because they didn’t click through a link she sent them, not because she was concealing her activities at the time (that explanation came later).  On Sunday, May 2, Hendrycks posted a message under the subject line, AZ, Ruthie and others in the News, to the Protect Our Border Now Yahoo group. Hendrycks also sends these messages to an email list. She wrote:

Please note: the first item is an article with regards to my interview with FOX News. . . 

FOX NEWS………….   From Minnesota to Georgia, Politicians Lend Support to Arizona Immigration Law

Click through the top article in the post and one finds that Fox News reported that Hendrycks mentioned her state senate bid on a national cable news network:

Hendrycks, a Republican who will announce her candidacy for state Senate later this week, said she plans to contact Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty regarding her proposal. Hendrycks anticipates widespread support among the state’s residents.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that with this bunch, “no one will be the wiser.”  I’ve seen that happen firsthand.