Rubik’s cubes and crowns as Landmark Center celebrates Hungarian culture


Families can travel to other continents without leaving their own backyards. Landmark Center will continue its weekly series of international tributes this Sunday, February 21, from 1 to 3 p.m. with authentic Hungarian food, music, dance, exhibits, crafts, and performances by local artists from the Twin Cities’ Hungarian community.

“I like working with Minnesota Hungarians because you can see they have a lot of pride in their country,” says Kate Thompson, program manager for Landmark Center. “They are really excited to showcase their culture. We are expecting 600 to 1,000 people to attend this event. They will be sharing their heritage with the larger Twin Cities community.”

Csilla Grauzer, President of Minnesota Hungarians, will give the welcome speech followed by a 15-minute video about his country. Szaszka musicians will play and the Videki dancer will perform plus give dance lessons for the public. Exhibits will include visits by chess masters, Rubik’s cube competitions, Hungarian folktales, and artifacts. Crafts for children to make include carnival masks and Hungarian crowns. Food will be provided by Strudel Haus.

“We never do the same countries from year to year,” says Thompson. Besides Hungary there will be three more Sundays throughout March and April that will showcase Colombia, Israel, and Ghanaian culture. Of all these countries, Hungary has the smallest community in the Twin Cities.

The Travelers Foundation has provided a grant to make these events possible; admission is free.