RSS Widget

Wide Widget

This is the code you use to embed:

Narrow Widget

This is the code you use to embed:

Optional Variables

The following variables should be declared in a script block before the calling of the above code. Here is an example:

	<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">
		var rssBoxHeadline = "Stories from Your Planet";
	<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" 

Please keep in mind that in order for the code to embed properly, you need to remove all line returns and extra spaces for it.
The above code would look like this:

(The text box is wrapping this text, there are no returns)

  • Site home link

    var rssBoxHomeLink = '';

    The full URL for what the graphic on the right side of the site should link to. Defaults to “”.

  • Arrow / bullet graphic

    var rssBoxArrow = '';

    Full URI for arrow image.

  • Arrow / bullet graphic, highlighted state

    var rssBoxArrowOver = '';

    Full URI for arrow image, for the highlighted or over state.

  • Background Image

    var rssBoxBackgroundImage = "";

    Full URL for background image. It is attached to the top right, no-repeat.

  • Pre-head (Headline, line one)

    var rssBoxHeadline = "Stories from Your Planet";

    Box header headline to display.

  • Box Border color

    var rssBoxBorderColor = "#4085c3";

    Color that the whole box should be bordered in. 1px border. Specified in hex.

  • Background color

    var rssBoxBackgroundColor = "#fff";

    Background color for the whole box, specified in hex.

  • Item Text Color

    var rssBoxItemColor = "#000";

    Color of the news items, defined in hex.

  • Item Text Color, Over state

    var rssBoxItemColorOver = "#DA1920";

    Color of the news items, when being moused over, defined in hex.