Roman de Gare (Crossed Tracks)


Read about this film in Cyn Collins’s Daily Planet review, “21 films in 11 days.”



Melodrama, comedy, suspense, part road movie, some western, this inventive melange from whom else but French master Claude Lelouch and the film genres he’s always loved and practiced.

In his new thriller, three lives are about to cross in the still of the night . . . a woman abandoned, a stranger awaiting his chance, and best-selling author and femme fatale, Judith Ralitzer (the brilliant Franny Ardant) who is being interrogated by the police because of some uncomfortable similarities between events in her novels and the actions of a serial killer known as “The Magician.”

Meanwhile on the autoroute, where, after being abandoned by her boyfriend, Huguette (Audrey Dana) sees a man (Dominique Pinon) at a roadside rest stop performing card tricks for kids. He offers her a ride, and she thinks he might make a fine substitute for the boyfriend she was supposed to be bringing home to the family. Deceptively layered, extremely wry and intriguingly misleading, this highly anticipated new film from Oscar-winning director Lelouch (A Man and a Woman) is a wonderful return to form in this curtain ringer of mixed identities and thwarted ambitions.

(In French w/Eng. subtitles)

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