Robin Hood the Musical


by Wendy Gennaula • August 8, 2008 • Robin Hood the Musical! succeeds at “the Musical” but fails at “Robin Hood”. Strong performances and skilled singing save the show from a formulaic story.

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The goal of the script seems to be to ensure every cast member is given a moment in the spotlight, whether it has any bearing on the story of Robin Hood or not. Crammed into the fifty minute Fringe time slot, most of the plot is rushed through. The transitions are abrupt, and all of the problems are solved in about sixty seconds during a sudden wedding scene. There isn’t enough action. This would be fine for a class show that was being presented for friends and family. But a ticket holder spending $12 a ticket to see a musical about Robin Hood will be disappointed.

That said, my son really enjoyed the show. The ensemble shines. The kids in the show radiate the joy of theater. Everyone on stage is having fun and it transfers to the audience.

The are many strong performances in the show. Larry J. Evans as King Richard lends gravitas to the proceedings. Basso profundo John-Scott Moir is a deliciously evil Prince John. Little Sophia Russell as “Kid” is cute as a button. Martino Mayotte and Siri Hellerman as Alan A. Dale and his love Alice could have sustained their own show. Mayotte has a lyric soaring voice and Hellerman has sharp comic instincts.

Robin Hood(Grant Hauptman) and Marian(Valerie Roder) have a moving eleventh hour love duet. Roder’s voice has a beautiful shimmer and easy top notes.

Wendy Gennaula is a singer and actress in the Twin Cities. She is the mother of two extraordinary Fringelings.